Under http://inexlib.lal.in2p3.fr/download/exp/geant4 can be found the g4tools.zip distribution. It contains the parts of the inlib and exlib which is of some interest for Geant4, mainly the histograms, the ntuples and the code to write them at the CERN-ROOT, AIDA XML, csv and CERN-HBOOK file formats. The main idea is to cover, with a very light and easy to install package, what is needed to do analysis in a "Geant4 batch program". As g4tools is going to be distributed through Geant4 in the future, and in order to avoid potential namespace clashes with the inlib/exlib used to do visualization (as for what is found in Visualization for Geant4 examples), the inlib and exlib namespaces had been automatically changed to "tools" in the g4tools distribution.


The relevant inlib/exlib examples had been put under g4tools/test/cpp. You can build and run them with :

     UNIX> <get g4tools.zip>
     UNIX> <unzip g4tools.zip>
     UNIX> cd g4tools/test/cpp
     UNIX> ./build
     UNIX> ./tools_test_histo
     UNIX> ./tools_test_wroot
     UNIX> etc...

Note that there is no need to have CLHEP and Geant4 installed to build and run the g4tools test programs.